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99% of small businesses fail simply because they are 
missing the basic pieces that generate success ...

Here’s How You Can Join The Elite 1%

For any business, every challenge creates a barrier to growing. Professional Service firms of all types intimately feel these challenges. That's why we built The L5 Method ... a custom program to effectively overcome those challenges and accelerate your overall growth.

Introducing The L5 Method

This flagship program was developed across 35 years, solving everyday issues for a variety of industries ... specifically, the Professional Services industry. Building on 7 key growth strategies, our team distilled the process into 3 primary step-phases to structure the delivery in such a way that it will achieve and sustain massive growth.

Experience has shown us that in less than 6 months, our proven method will enable you to increase billable hours by 3-6 times without sacrificing quality, service or delivery. 

How Does This Program Work?

Our Program addresses the most common problems that keep small and medium businesses from growing. Each step-phase builds on the previous one to create a high-octane engine that powers your firm to "Best in Class".

Reframe the Business Foundation

In this phase, we begin by understanding your "Real Value" ... developing a complete Value Ladder ... so that you can fully solve the problems and challenges that your client is experiencing. Having a complete Value Ladder completes your business and justifies the decision to work with you and you alone.

Next, we look at your employees to leverage their natural strengths, strengths that will be critical for your continued business growth. It is critical that they have a natural calling for the position they take. Once we have your "natural" team, we will integrate what is often called your Dream 100 to fill out and complete your entire team.

Using everything we have, we develop a Strategy Map that lays out how to achieve your goals. This Strategy Map normally looks 2-3 years into the future, and determines the changes you will need to make in order to serve your Dream Client of the future.

Systemization to Quickly Scale Up & Down

This is where you integrate strong, proven systems to eliminate much of the hard work in delivering your services. Systemization allows you to scale the business for good times or bad. Systems normally include:
- Technology - Delivers a Cloud-based approach to the information systems that drive your business.
- Business Process - Provides a strong structure for repeating your typical tasks and processes and enables long-term . 
- Marketing - Creates a 24x7 information system to support inbound requests, providing information that prepares clients for working with you.

Accelerate Your Growth to Best in Class

This is where the payoff occurs for businesses. We help you: 
- Model Best-in-Class companies to accelerate the overall delivery to the people you serve.
- Develop offer stacks that accelerate client purchases, leading them to implement better solutions and greater improvements.
- Implement a culture of Continuous Improvement will keep your business growing and thriving. 
L5 Consulting has been my go to resource for years. They are up to date and extremely knowledgeable with a plethora of business solutions that optimize companies monetization, as well as the providing outstanding customer service. #Leader

– Taralyn Vico, Business Consultant
Randy is amazing when it comes to problem solving IT issues, he is relentless to find, not only a solution to the problem, but finding the solution that prevents future problems happening again. By utilizing his expertise to build my IT infrastructure he has created a rock solid foundation that allows my company to grow without the worry of cascading failures as my network expands.  

– Steven K. Coulthard, Coulthard Identity Group, Amcoe Signs
Great service. Always available to help and find the right solution for my needs.

– Molly Morrison, Sales Consultant


What is The L5 Method?
It is a unique platform that helps established owners and entrepreneurs in the Professional Services space to triple their revenue in 6 months without sacrificing quality or delivery to their customers. Our program includes clear plans to reduce costs, improve delivery across your portfolio - all customized to your business - plus all of the 1-to-1 support you could ever need from our team of certified business performance coaches.
Why did you create this program?
We built this entire system by looking at commonalities in the problems that our team saw over the years. There were nine typical areas of the business that affected delivery and created the most challenging issues for management and owners. Those nine areas were created as a “secret sauce” that uses the most successful action steps, and then delivers them in the powerful framework of Foundation, Automation and Acceleration to deliver repeatable business success for clients.
How do I know if this will work for me?
Nearly every client we serve comes to us after spending tons of time and money on ineffective strategies that got them nowhere. They’ve tried outsourcing various parts of the business to people who don’t understand the challenges of their business, letting the outside team focus on what benefits them instead of the information that matters to business success.

Over the past 9 years, we’ve helped dozens of awesome clients improve critical areas of their operations, including management, team development, technology, automation and sales/marketing, all without introducing headaches or technical overload. The one piece of feedback we hear the most is “Why didn’t I find this sooner?
How much would I pay to work with you?
For qualified clients, we make the barrier to entry low - initial consultations are free, as are onsite visits to determine the workability of your opportunity. We do this for two reasons:

     1. We love helping people, but there’s so much noise, misinformation and fly-by-night coaches and consultants in this space that the best way for clients to discover our unique model is to experience it directly.
     2. For every 10 strategy sessions we complete, several clients end up partnering with us to deploy a custom-tailored process of our program in their business (it’s worth noting that we teach you how to enroll great customers and clients the same way!).

Ultimately, we make certain that the investment you make with us is in line with the value you receive.
What's the Next Step?
If you are:

1. An established business already earning a minimum of $30K per month;
2. Stuck and actively seeking support right now for your business;
3. Looking to increase your billable hours in the next 6 months;

Then your next step is to book our FREE Strategy Session - simply click on the button below. We’ll help you get clear on the one thing you need to do to get you to your goals faster!
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